Our Story


Silicon Valley machine learning meets clandestine operators.

The lessons of 9/11 are still being learned. 

Daily media reports confirm that agencies and corporations charged with keeping people safe and operating with integrity are craving the right intelligence.


We began to identify a few patterns. 

While operating overseas after 9/11, we began to understand that terrorists spoke, moved and conducted commerce with previously undiagnosed digital signatures. The idea that we could learn these patterns and establish tripwires to alert decision-makers took hold. The only question was whether current technology could match the human-driven expertise already in place. The data was simply too large to understand, and time was of essence. 


A team of Silicon Valley data scientists identified a few of the same patterns.  

Corporations had failed to live up to their brands; cyber exploits exposed data leaks, fraudulent transactions, and ill-equipped personnel. Two major types of threats emerged. Although organizations have stockpiles of valuable data, they lacked the ability to make any sense of it.  Despite the reliance upon surface web capture as a deterrent, cyber exploitations increased unchallenged.

Finding the right external data was critical, but we still needed a scalable, more powerful solution.   


There had to be a better way

And so, we came together to build Sovereign. With our proprietary library of full-spectrum Internet data and our new deep learning platform, we find patterns in large textual datasets, whether external to the network or internal to the enterprise. We call our products Sovereign Reconnaissance and Cognition. 


The world is dangerous.  

Threats to corporations and nation-states are conceived and coordinated in secret places on the Dark Web. Finding meaningful intelligence is like finding a needle in a haystack. Combined with our deep learning as a new type of AI that mimics how the human brain works, we turn a handful of servers into a floor of intelligence operatives.  


Sovereign combines the expertise of the intelligence community with the ingenuity of Silicon Valley to create a novel solution to automate the identification and analysis of risks, threats and plots. Our customers include local governments, FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 organizations.