Mark Johnson

Founded in 2014 by attorney and former clandestine intelligence officer, Mark Johnson, Sovereign is staffed by Silicon Valley veterans, US/UK intelligence operators, and product engineers.

Our DNA invites extraordinary curiosity, rigorous integrity, and the relentless pursuit of excellence.​ See our Team.

We help solve the problem of weak decision-making, whether instigated by siloed data, inadequate intelligence collection, biased AI assumptions, or stymied sense-making.

Sovereign provides wisdom technology for enterprise risk.  We deliver AI-driven insight into the relative intensity of risk including Data Privacy, Financial Fraud, and National Security to commercial and government clients. Welcome to Sovereign.


We believe that true prosperity is achieved through Data Privacy,  Financial Integrity, and National Security. 


Our Mission is to make sense of the world's data so people can make better decisions. 

Future Applications

With a game-like invitation to experience galaxies of dataverses of intelligence, our new AI driven software will profoundly improve the way knowledge workers find answers to the most critical risk-based questions facing governments and private industry today.  It is designed to remove the sterile, siloed computer based model of learning, by enhancing the intuitive human leaps we need to make serious decisions.  Our new SaaS platform is coming soon. To learn more Contact Us today.