At Sovereign, we aim to ensure that our customers appropriately understand the intelligence cycle, in particular the process of gathering open-source information to help shape objective and sophisticated intelligence analysis in support of high-level priorities. 



Sovereign offers facilitated modules to enable you to plan how to use AI to make best use of the information within your company, maximise interaction and impact with your customers and improve security through enhanced situational awareness.


Data is just one piece of the security puzzle. Without effective analysis – and action items based on conclusions derived from that analysis – security organizations will not rise to the challenge presented by modern day threat actors. How do we successfully derive meaning from data that can be impactfully acted upon within a complex organization?


Personal Data can be stolen at any stage of its lifecycle. At Sovereign we recognize that it is just as important to prepare for data breaches as it is to find them - which is why we have developed a set of advisory services to ensure that you are ready to deal with the fallout before we find that some of the personal data that you are responsible for has been shared. Compliance legislation accepts that data breaches happen; however, it also ensures that you are able to take them seriously when they do occur.