AURORA solves the problem of weak decision-making, whether instigated by siloed data, inadequate intelligence collection, biased AI assumptions, or stymied sensemaking capacity. AURORA amplifies the innate capabilities of Intelligence Analysts, accelerating predictive analysis, enhancing confidence, and answering real-world questions.




Making decisions is easy. Making the right decisions is a lot harder and can have huge financial, operational, and human consequences. By raising the quality of decisions, the costs of uninformed or partially informed decision making can be greatly reduced.


AURORA Learning Algorithms understand ideas, context, and intent much like a human does.  They associate new information with existing knowledge, enabling snap discovery over a reasoned, stepwise mathematical procedure. This leap in technical capability opens enormous avenues of investigation invisible to other systems.  Revealing these hidden avenues directly affect the quality of results, providing a much more information rich environment for decision making.



The workflow of an analyst is human, yet modern system design has burdened them with a data-driven, binary approach to analysis.  Without a user interface design strategy that supports human beings, organizations can be burdened with a variety of additional services costs in the form of Training, Business Process Reengineering, and Change Management programs.


AURORA resists these extra costs by providing a truly self-evident path to insights.  Rather than searching text or wading through tables, AURORA illuminates insights immediately as part of an investigative journey through a captivating user experience. It supports an Information Analyst’s personally unique and sometimes non-linear investigative workflow.




Systems built upon verticalized thinking require separate infrastructures to support each application and data silo. Costs can add up quickly in time, materials, and personnel attempting to store, integrate, and analyze across multiple siloed applications.


The AURORA platform combines collected data as a single-source repository. By having a single-point of data reference for all of our offerings, AURORA cuts these additional costs to nearly zero.  This also allows one application on our platform to inform another which allows the user to focus efforts on discovering  information connectivity and context.