From patents to bespoke workflows, we work closely with multinationals in any industry to identify and thwart potential threats to intellectual property. This includes connecting internal security data (e.g. logs, sensors, emails) with proprietary dark web and peer-to-peer data collection techniques. The results is a radically new way to either assess historical threats or proactively thwart them.


What customers perceive is often more important than reality. The question is which data sets will provide the best understanding of market sentiment. Aurora helps our clients understand customer sentiment, via emails, social media, recorded phone complaints, etc. Whether identifying or predicting non-obvious industry trends or organizing enterprise data, Sovereign's AI helps clients model market sentiment quickly with powerful deep learning tools. 


Fraud comes in many forms and increasingly happens over the Internet. Sovereign identifies real threats by integrating your enterprise data with the continuous monitoring of non-traditional networks where nefarious activities are more likely to exist. Sovereign's deep learning AI quickly supports investigative efforts to find fraudulent behavior patterns for analysis. 



Shareholders increasingly expect companies to protect their brand reputation. Understanding where to start in order to assess the current sentiment of the customer base is difficult. Current trends to apply over-engineered social media feeds are beginning to fail because those intent on harming a company's reputation initiate their conspiracies in non-traditional forums like the dark web. Sovereign’s Aurora integrates these non-traditional data sets with its deep learning AI in order to identify potential risks.


Protests, environmental issues, political disasters, terrorism, state collapse or crisis, failure of national governance, and interstate conflict are just a few of the geopolitical risks we monitor in support of our clients’ security. We collect information gathered from indigenous news sources, geographically referenced activities, satellite imagery, global human sources, governments, online communications, etc. to assess global hot spots and produce in-depth analysis on these issues. By alerting on geopolitical imminent threats, we enable clients to react to crises while continually monitoring to identify long-term trends.