As anti-money laundering regulations seek increased consistency, firms are wisely taking a holistic approach to the way they manage their risk. Sovereign uses deep learning and sophisticated intelligence techniques to improve fraud detection, reduce false positives and automate key workflows. Knowing your client has become as difficult as knowing your vendors. Our KYC solution automatically queries against any sophisticated databases such as social media, deep web public records, dark web and peer-to-peer domains. This approach saves time and resources by analyzing potential red-flags in realtime.


Failure to conduct serious due diligence investigations results in significant fines. Leaving unknown financial accounts and unreported affiliations to chance is like playing Russian roulette.  We can help. During Merger & Acquisition transactions, our Due Diligence solutions help integrate internal data sources with our proprietary data to deliver automated checks for any entity - like finding the needle in a haystack.


Emerging markets, regulatory fluctuations, evolving industry trends, and untapped data sets make investment decisions difficult and expensive. Sovereign allows you to plug in any kind of real-time, static, proprietary or public unstructured data collections to surface non-obvious data insights and reveal potential alpha-generating signals. 



Compliance with new regulations such as the Foreign Corrupt Practice Act and UK Bribery Statute are wreaking havoc on unsuspecting firms struggling to quickly understand their enterprise weak links. The current process of manually conducting background checks of third-party consultants is failing. Our compliance solutions automate and customize any workflow to reduce human error and streamline manual efforts involved in compliance with the FCPA, FCA, CCAR, DFAST or Basel-III frameworks.