Data is just one piece of the security puzzle. Without effective analysis – and action items based on conclusions derived from that analysis – security organizations will not rise to the challenge presented by modern day threat actors. How do we successfully derive meaning from data that can be impactfully acted upon within a complex organization?


Enter the notions of insight, technology and their impact on more accurate predictive power regarding an ever-evolving threat landscape. A successful security organization needs to evolve from short-term reactive solutions to lasting preventative strategies. In short, how does one solve security problems before they happen, rather than constantly relying on damage control after the fact?

Sovereign facilitates a strategic programme, led by the most senior customer decision maker, to help build an overarching strategy to identify, define and achieve common team security goals in the most efficient way in order to enable the ongoing development of a fully aligned, holistic security strategy:


  • Overcome the impacts of a fragmented, siloed, potentially detrimental reorganisation with multiple stakeholders with disparate priorities

  • Develop a coherent, multi-functional security strategy

  • Goals identification - prioritisation of goals and alignment

  • Strategies and potential partners to achieve the goals

  • How to measure success