We define the six components within the intelligence cycle as follows:


  • Planning and Direction: Focus on the intelligence problem; what are the customer’s higher-level priorities?

  • Collection: Collect a broad range of data and information; what kind of data sets can best inform our analysis?

  • Data Processing and Exploitation: Develop and exploit data; is our platform appropriate to scrape, clean, and organize the data?

  • Analysis and Production: Produce analysis that supports objectives; is the analysis objective and embrace clarity, whereby a non-expert can follow the main points and grasp the right takeaways?

  • Dissemination: Explain issues that shape decisions; how does the decision-maker prefer to consume analysis (heavy text, graphics, pictures)?

  • Evaluation: Feedback on intelligence and remaining gaps; is the intelligence cycle updated in response to evolving customer needs?


Whereas “information” typically is fact-based and also can be helpful towards informing decision-making, we like to define “intelligence” as tailored to a mission’s needs, that might include a more advanced focus on vulnerabilities, the implications of a development or trend, and opportunities for the decision-maker.  The process of intelligence might also employ sophisticated methodologies such as structured analytic techniques and technical capabilities to help provide insight into more complicated problems.  The dissemination of intelligence is only a tiny fragment of the massive data universe, the tip of the pyramid.


As part of this open-ended cycle process, we look to help the customer identify the most relevant data collection requirements, understand how to effectively digest the information, and generate valuable outputs that help answer key intelligence questions.  The process can only be a cycle if the outputs include an in-depth evaluation to unearth additional questions and any remaining intelligence gaps.  At Sovereign, we embrace the intelligence cycle as the foundation for addressing evolving customer priorities.