One of the effects of Edward Snowden’s revelations is the ground swell of attention and resources generated toward safeguarding personal information.  Society's awareness of the collective overreach by the world’s governments has transformed the way we value and handle private information. At the heart of data we want personally identifiable information protected. And at a minimum, any organization with whom consumers engage is now expected to protect our privacy preferences and safeguard our sensitive information.   See Sovereign’s Privacy Policy.

As a pillar of our services, we believe that your privacy is paramount and as such have calibrated every level of our software engineering DNA to achieve the highest levels of information security.  A clear benefit of working with Sovereign is trusting in our experience to not only maintain minimal compliance with the global data protections laws in place, but to achieve a measurable  increase in the  level of data privacy within your organization.  That is our commitment to you. 


The collapse of the world’s financial systems is no longer a myth. Genuine prosperity seems tenuous at best. The undulation of fear and uncertainty is rarely buoyed by the fleeting news of recovery or stability.  The question every organization is asking is: “Why are things not working the way they are supposed to?” At the core of this question is our need to rely upon the security and efficiency of our financial institutions.  The problem is, however,  that the lifeblood of our economic system, e.g. money, is constantly being syphoned away by indefatigable criminals, whose natural language is fraud. 

Sovereign provides real-time situation awareness of fraud as well as other risks faced by financial institutions. One of the key advantages we bring to our clients is that we have developed a taxonomy of fraud. Our intuitive artificial intelligence continues to uncover the patterns bad actors use to dismantle the integrity of organizations, and can even predict the probability of their next steps with a risk score.  Armed with this intelligence, you should receive actionable insights to not only withstand the next attack, but ultimately restore prosperity.


Today’s strategy for nation-states to achieve security in any meaningful sense of the word, is less about the protection against a nuclear war, and more about the non-kinetic threats against our health, cyber, economic, environmental, and political security. The proliferation of these threats by non-state actors such as hacker cartels, and cyber terrorists  and even pandemics such as Covid-19, has created a hornet’s nest of unprecedented challenges for our general sense of national security. 

With over 165 years of combined experience protecting the national security of countries aligned against rogue extremists and totalitarianism, our quiet diplomacy of providing critical intelligence has supported the highest levels of government to thwart the effects of Covid-19, terrorism, narcotic trade, political election interference, human trafficking and illegal immigration.  The advantage you receive when partnering with Sovereign while addressing these threats is our (1) reputation for discretion, (2) proven success on global clandestine missions, and our (3) commitment to bring the highest level of integrity and technological prowess to each engagement as if our own national security were at stake.