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Powered by cutting-edge perception-enabled artificial intelligence and advanced data analytics, Aurora® revolutionizes your decision-making process by unveiling new, actionable insights with unparalleled clarity. 

AURORA is the only SaaS platform that is Intuitively Visual, Digitally Ubiquitous,  and powered by Unsupervised Intelligence.

Siloed Data.  Lack of Transparency. Biased Intelligence. Zero collaboration. These are the barriers to Making Better Decisions.  We have a solution. It's called Aurora, by 

Global Collection Network (CGN)

We have the largest collection of relevant intelligence including Global Geolocation Metadata, Full Open Source Intelligence (Dark Web, Social Media, P2P, etc)

Digitally Ubiquitous

Aurora is capable of ingesting and making sense of any data, any language, content, from any network, location or device. 

Data Science Acceleration

We're leveraging a token-free, byte-level Artificial Intelligence to eliminate bias, achieve greater computational efficiency, scalability , and faster inference.

Intuitively Visual

Make significant connections faster with our multidimensional data universe and game-like user interface. 

Billions of data points.
Instantly connected.
To deliver meaningful insight.

According to Tobler’s First Law of Geography, “Everything is related to everything else, but near things are more related than distant things.”

Aurora's Contextual Gravity determines which entities, ideas, or things are likely to be more significantly related and thus more meaningful to observe.

  • Multi-dimensional visualization of relationships, instantly finding connections among entities such as Social Media pseudonym’s to cryptocurrencies to facial recognization to voice signatures to geographic locations anywhere in the world.

  • Drop a name or a phone number or bank account into Aurora and you’ll instantly see a four (4) dimensional profile of related persons, companies, and locations with weighted scores based on the significance of the relationship, saving countless hours of analysis, increasing confidence and accuracy in intelligence decision-making.

The Numbers


Years of Combined Experience


Unique Data Sets


Daily Geolocations



Countries Served


Intelligence Certifications

Are You Ready to Turn on the Light?

AURORA runs an exponentially advanced machine learning algorithm designed to extract true meaning from complex datasets, one that understands ideas, context, and intent, in much the same way humans do.

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