Maximize digital situational awareness of hidden risks - like 

having your own threat weather report.

Sovereign Reconnaissance

Increase visibility into inaccessible or hard-to-reach areas of the internet

where threats are being discussed. 

Maximize digital situational awareness, prioritize threats,

and even forecast cyber attacks.  

Discover the relative intensity over time of past and coming threats.

Cyber Threat Feeds

Don't see a feed that fits a specific need? Sovereign's CDE makes it easy to quickly create and deploy a bespoke feed.  Contact Us to explore your options.

Bespoke Threat Feeds

From bad guy chatter to planned operations, Sovereign has you covered with a selection of data feeds to suit your needs.

API Builder 

Want to build your own feed?  We can open up our platform to technical analysts and data scientists for API development.  Contact Us to explore your options.


Cyber Threat Feeds

Our Cyber Threat Feeds monitor nation-state, traditional, and hacktivist

bad actors across the internet.   We securely track bad actor chatter, attack vectors,

and operations, providing advanced warning of cyber exploitations

via AI-enriched intelligence feeds.


Attack Vector