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AURORA is a breakthrough SaaS platform that helps make better decisions quickly, intuitively, and efficiently. Using proprietary analysis techniques and extraordinary breakthroughs in user interface design, AURORA amplifies Knowledge Worker and Analyst productivity by supporting natural, human motivators and actions.  AURORA offers more informed answers quicker, eliminating the need for multiple, costly, siloed intelligence systems that only partially cover the landscape and require expensive integration.


AURORA taps into the need to explore data freely while simultaneously guiding users to the answers to the most pressing questions.



Maximize digital situational awareness of hidden risks - like having your own threat weather report. Increase  visibility into inaccessible or hard-to-reach areas of the internet where threats are being discussed. 


We monitor nation-state, traditional, and hacktivist bad actors across the internet. We securely track bad actor chatter, attack vectors, and operations, providing advanced warning of cyber exploitations via AI-enriched intelligence feeds in order to move you from a reactive security mindset to a proactive insight-driven mindset.



Sovereign’s expert Advisory Team can advise on all areas of Data Privacy, Financial Integrity and National Security. We provide tailored workshop-style engagements designed to help you build an Insight Driven Security Organization, protect your organization more effectively and impart strategic wisdom on how to leverage Artificial Intelligence for enterprise risks. 


​Taking the best aspects of Lean Methodology, Agile, and Design Thinking, Sovereign’s methodology innovates on tried-and-true ideas that help clients get to answers quickly by shortening the time from idea conception to design to development.