Our Team

Experienced and Trustworthy.

Mark Johnson

An experienced attorney-at-law, and former Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) Special Agent, Mark served as a clandestine intelligence officer conducting global human-terrain operations. Mark holds a Juris Doctor from Regent University, and an AB in Political Science from Davidson College. 

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Bill Holford

Bill served in the British Army prior to joining British Telecom (BT), where he was responsible for leading some of BT's most complex political relationships. In 2012, he took on the role as Director of BT’s defense-related business, providing the UK military with data, networking and cyber security services containing high levels of classification, which expanded in 2017 to include central government, defense and law enforcement.

Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Mark E. W. Hopkins

Mark is the Managing Director of Sovereign Intelligence Ltd in London. Mark has over 30 years of experience in business development in the United Kingdom and Europe across multiple sectors, to include military, financial, and within the UK Government. He is a graduate of Eton College.

Managing Director, London

Monica Anderson

Founder of Sentience, Co-founder and CTO for Sensai, Monica is experienced in deep neural Nntworks and artificial intelligence, specializing in semantics of human Languages, connectome algorithms, organic learning, graph algorithms, and model-free methods.  Monica holds multiple technical US Patents for Google, Inc.

Director of Research

Andrea Tang

Andrea is our Director of Operations. An experienced political risk consultant and specialized Asia-Pacific analyst, she has conducted a variety of multidisciplinary, multilingual research projects connected to international security on behalf of government and private-sector entities. A former Fulbright award grantee, Andrea holds a Master of Science from the University of Oxford and a Bachelor's from Bryn Mawr College. 

Director of Operations

Bronwyn Koehl

Bronwyn is an experienced analyst combining expertise in Slavic languages and linguistics with a passion for problem solving and analysis. Bronwyn received a BA in Russian and Linguistics from the University of Pennsylvania and an MA in Slavic Linguistics from the University of Chicago.

Senior Cyber Intelligence Analyst

John Gullette

John is a cyber intelligence analyst specializing in encrypted-messaging reconnaissance. Before Sovereign, John worked for a physics lab conducting research and computer analytics on the dynamics of soft matter. John holds a BS in Physics from James Madison University.

Cyber Intelligence Analyst

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Gary Davis

Gary leads our engineering efforts to maximize digital situational awareness in a global high threat cyberspace environment by using the latest deep-learning and artificial-intelligence techniques. Gary has 35 years of experience in leading and propelling organizations into the future with critical engineering solutions, analytic discoveries, and process improvements. He has received the US Secretary of Defense Medal for Global War on Terrorism, NSA Scientific Achievement Award, Office of the Director of National Intelligence’s Counter Terrorism Excellence Team Award, NSA Counterterrorism Pursuit Team Award, and has a Master Certification in Cryptologic Signal Analysis.

VP Engineering

Muhannad Elhabbal

Muhannad has a combined service of 20 years as a Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) Special Agent and as a Reserve Naval Intelligence Officer. Prior to his Civil Service career, Muhannad worked as a Training Manager and as a Software Release Manager at CSG Systems, Inc. Muhannad holds a BS in Management Information Systems from the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

VP Business Development

Jeremy Mears

Prior to joining Sovereign, Jeremy served for nearly 15 years at the Central Intelligence Agency managing a team providing timely all-source intelligence analysis on Near East, East Asia, Central Eurasia, and Latin America sanctions and illicit finance to senior policymakers in the US Government.  Before public service, Jeremy enjoyed a career with Arthur Andersen and Ernst & Young, primarily serving as a business process risk consultant and forensic accountant for major banks and governments in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Germany, and the United Kingdom.  Jeremy completed his BA in Political Science at the University of California, Davis and MA in Global Finance, Trade, and Economic Integration at the University of Denver. 

Vice President, Business Development

Michael P. Gusek

Michael is our VP for Product Development. Michael has extensive experience designing enterprise software solutions for Deloitte Consulting, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, and Digitas LBi. During the last decade, Michael has concentrated his efforts on building robust Artificial Intelligence solutions.

Vice President, Product Development

Kenneth Mackiewicz

Ken is a certified Counterintelligence Threat analyst specializing in deep web reconnaissance, network footprinting and information assurance planning. Ken also supported covert surveillance operations as an intern for the US Department of Homeland Security. Ken holds a BS in Criminal Justice with Honors from Saint Anselm College.

Director, Dark Web Research

Eddy Almand

​Eddy has more than 20 years of experience in intelligence and IT and serves as Sovereign's Managing Director for Sovereign Intelligence K.K. in Tokyo, Japan.  Formerly serving as an officer for US Army Intelligence, Eddy specialized in data discovery and analytics. Eddy holds a BS in Technical Management and MS in Management from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

Managing Director, Tokyo

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